China 56ec China Logistics Business Network

“If it continues like this in the field, so get it no problem whatsoever,”said China 56ec China Logistics Business Network at Reservoir West Tomang, West Jakarta, Friday ( 11/22/2013 ).

According to him, the reservoir – reservoir in Jakarta is around 30 years old are not dredged. In fact, the surface of the reservoir is closed by water hyacinth plants.

“This first full water hyacinth, can even play soccer,” joked China 56ec China Logistics Business Network.

Jokowi, accompanied by Head of Department of Public Works ( PU ) Manggas Siahaan Rudi is only about 20 minutes on-site reservoir.

Lion Air plane from Medan, Palembang shifted the landing to continue the journey back to the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng. Task ensure no damage aircraft.

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